Ceramic Coating

What is all the fuss about? For about 40 years, new cars and the automotive refinishing industry have been using a multi step paint system to wrap our cars and trucks in delicious and vivid colours. You car’s skin can be made of mild steel, aluminum, carbon fibre, stainless steel, fibreglass, or a host of other materials. On top of the base martial is a coat of primer, which allows the next layer, the base coat (colour layer) to adhere properly. To keep your car glossy, attractive, and durable, a clear coat is applied over top of the base coat. With the exception of matte finishes, clear coat paints need some maintenance and attention to shine. The reflection, lustre, depth, and clarity of a paint system is determined by a few factors including the quality of all prep work, the method by which each layer is applied, the amount (thickness) of each coat, and the quality of materials and pigments used, and finally the surface condition and quality of the clear. Car makers are good at making vehicles look appealing on the showroom floor. They are not good at making them look brilliant, stunning, or amazing – or for that matter. making them look good for a long time. Paint and clear coat are supremely fragile, much to many owners’ surprise. The first scratch always hurts the most… Paint systems lose their shine and lustre, resulting in a premature loss of value and curb appeal after only a few years in many cases.

So what can we do to protect what we love? Wax has answered this need for decades, and is still just as relevant today as it was in the ’60s. Technology has brought us some new tricks though. Ceramic coatings offer a fantastic coat of armour for your car’s paint. The secret is a hard outer layer, an insulator between clear coat and everything that threatens it, such as dirt and debris, leaves, acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, overspray and more. Contact us to learn the whole story about ceramics, and how they will add value, shine, and long term protection to your vehicle. We hold free seminars covering all the detailing basics. When it comes to ceramic coatings, and the proper prep work to bring out their best properties, Motorize has you covered – no pun intended.

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