COVID-19 Safety Procedure

We are not your regular used car dealership.


When dealing with customers/visitors, all of our staff wears masks, practices social distancing and works outside when possible. This also applies to any events that Motorize hosts and/or participates in. We are instructing customers/visitors to sanitize their hands before entering our store and getting in our cars. If a customer doesn’t have their own mask, we will provide them with a disposable or cotton Motorize mask.


Social distancing is in effect within every part of the workplace. Masks will be used where social distancing cannot be practiced and always used when dealing with customers and visitors.


Anytime someone enters and exits one of our vehicles, we wipe the high touch areas of the vehicle with isopropyl alcohol. These areas include all interior/exterior door handles, steering wheel, trunk release, shifter, stalks, seatbelts, any buttons/displays to be touched etc.


Our staff sanitizes all high touch surfaces including door handles, keyboards, mouses, taps, light switches, drawer handles, cupboard handles, office supplies, phones, desktops etc, every day (or more depending on traffic) with isopropyl alcohol. We often open up a window or door for a few minutes every day to improve airflow. We are using a mixture of 60% isopropyl alcohol and 40% water to sanitize all high-touch surfaces within this organization, including vehicles.


We have provided our staff with any necessary resources to aid in working from home. Some staff members have been working at home when possible to reduce exposure.


All staff have been instructed to wash hands frequently, avoid touching their face, practice social distancing, wear a mask, stay home and avoid group gatherings as per BC’s Provincial Health Officer’s order.

A plexiglass shield has been installed at our Westshore location and clear signage has been displayed inside and out of both of our locations stating that masks and social distancing are mandatory. Our Covid-19 Safety Procedures Plan is available on our website and posted clearly at both of our offices.

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