Peace of mind is priceless.

Secure Drive has been a market leader since it started in 1998.More
than two decades later, Secure Drive has cemented its position as a
leader in Canada’s automotive industry. With double-digit growth year
over year, their success is proof that you can grow a business built
on values, innovation and service. We’re proud to be part of the
Secure Drive family  but even more excited about the future; with so
many technologies disrupting the industry today, they anticipate and
build on trends through the lens of our customers so that the products
and services don’t just keep up—they break new ground.
Whether you want to extend your factory warranty coverage, waive wear
and tear charges due at the end of your lease or just protect your
vehicle,  enjoy a rewarding and worry-free ownership experience with

Mechanical Breakdown Protection.
Coverage includes EV Specific major components, General mechanical
and, with additional features such as 24-hour roadside assistance,
trip interruption, car rental, and a claim-free reward benefit
available on most vehicle policies.

Additional Benefits Include.

Trip Interruption
Reimbursement of lodging and meal expenses if a covered breakdown
occurs while you are on a road trip and repairs last overnight  ( up
to $400).

Rental Benefit
Replacement car while your vehicle is being repaired ($50 per day, up
to $200 per repair visit).

Claim-free Reward
If no claims have been filed or additional benefits utilized by the
time your MBP coverage expires, you may choose from one of the
following three reimbursement options:

Selling dealer will credit the total amount paid for your MBP towards
the purchase of a new MBP; or a store credit at your selling dealer for the full amount paid for
your MBP (inclusive of taxes) up to $2,000; or
A refund cheque of the amount paid for your MBP (inclusive of taxes)
up to $1,000.

Multimedia Software Package (optional upgrade)
With this package, the cost of all manufacturer-recommended software
updates to your vehicle’s entertainment and navigation systems are
covered (up to $500).

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