We are not your regular used car dealership.

We are here for you every step of the way.

Since 2008, the Motorize brand has been serving Vancouver Island. We have earned a reputation as a reliable, honest, and professional team ready to help you make your purchases in an easy and efficient manner. Maybe you’ve heard our ads on the radio, or saw our electric vehicles displayed at our convenient second location while going to work. Maybe you already have an EV and want to upgrade, have a vehicle in mind you must have, or simply have questions you would like to get answered by the EV experts in Victoria. We can help!

Test drive – Whether you have owned an EV in the past and are ready to trade up, or you are a newbie… We have the most comprehensive selection in the industry. Visit us or make an appointment to explore your next EV. Check out the features of each car with help and explanations from friendly, familiar staff. Take our super clean EVs around the block, or home for the night if you think you have found your new favourite.

Consult with staff – Our staff only sell EVs. Get more value for your time with Motorize, we speak your language. Because we specialize in electric vehicles, we are continually learning about every model, what’s hot, and what’s not. We can help you plan your next trip, explain home and public charging, and help you learn how to make the most of your ownership experience. You won’t find any cheesy car salesmen here.

Special order – If you simply can’t find the perfect EV, relax. We offer something others can’t. Special order at Motorize. For over ten years, Motorize has been working with discerning clients looking for specific vehicles. Our wholesale network is massive, with over 600 used EVs available every week. What does this mean for you? Place an order with our expert staff for a specific colour, trim, year, with the options you must have. Our team will find your vehicle and buy it for you, then present it to you fully detailed and road-ready. Why special order? Because your time is valuable. Trust Motorize to supply your next vehicle.

Trade-in – We work with wholesale and retail partners to get you the best value for your trade-in, whether it is like new, or at the end of its life. Gas or EV, we can trade it in.

Warranty – Peace of mind: Motorize electric vehicles qualify for extended warranty programs that cover mechanical and electrical breakdowns for years to come. We have options to cover your vehicle long past the factory warranty, ask your sales rep for more info.

Insurance – Our EVs are eligible for replacement cost policies, meaning you can buy insurance coverage to protect you from financial loss should your vehicle be damaged beyond repair in a collision. Replacement cost insurance will cover the full cost of a replacement vehicle so you don’t have to compromise when you buy another EV.

Detailing – You can have your car cleaned somewhere else. Or you can visit the Motorize Detail Studio and watch the magic happen. We literally erase years of age from your vehicle’s appearance. Regardless of what you drive, Motorize staff can maximize the value of your new or used car by perfecting, then protecting the shine and lustre far beyond what it was when new. We finish paint “better than new.” Detailing is an art, we employ artists.

Things we do

  • Electric vehicle sales

  • EV selection and test drive

  • After sales support

  • Home charge station sales

  • Commercial charge station sales

  • Special order (looking for a unicorn?)

  • Trade in evaluation

  • Insurance

  • Professional auto detailing

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Why shop at Motorize?

Ultra low maintenance

As you may know, electric vehicles are super reliable and require almost no maintenance. Save thousands in maintenance expenses by switching to electric today. What waste any more money on an internal combustion vehicle? Now is the time to switch.

Award Winning

Motorize is a top performer in the auto sales arena, and the only dealer you need when you’re shopping electric. Motorize was the first to win the Canadian Electricity Association’s BEV dealer of the year award. We strive to exceed expectations and win your business again and again.

Music To Your Ears

Your time is valuable and we understand. Whether you’re kicking tires for the first time or looking for the needle in a haystack, our staff will treat you like gold and connect you with the car you’re after.

Easy To Work With

If you checked our Google and Facebook reviews, you already know why we are universally trusted. Our team is exceptional, and so are you. We look forward to helping you with your EV needs.

Ultra Responsive

Communicate with us in person, or online. Message us through FB, call us, we are available 7 days a week. Our Westshore store is building a new outdoor tent area for socially distanced business. Join us any way you can!

Flexible Framework

We have the data, and the expertises you need. We can praise your trade in quickly, and get you the highest value for your trade. We have a huge dealer network hungry for your old gas car, trust Motorize to provide the best value for you when it comes time to trade in your old gas burner.

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