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Discover the perfect Electric Car for  you


We are Electric Vehicle experts, it’s all we do.

Are you making the switch to Electric? Maybe you already drive an Electric Vehicle (EV) and you want to upgrade? Can’t find the car of your dreams? Motorize can help you. Motorize sells electric cars.

The only store dedicated exclusively to Electric Vehicles.

We have a wide selection of gently used EVs in stock and ready for delivery. Need to buy a car today? No problem, we have your needs covered. We will take your gas or other electric car on trade, and we have easy in house financing. In Beautiful British Columbia, you’ll only find two businesses dedicated solely to electric vehicles. Those would be Tesla (Vancouver) and Motorize (Sidney and View Royal.) This is all we do! We are truly dedicated to helping you buy the perfect EV the first time. With us, you’ll learn everything you need to know about your next EV whether you’re a Skip The Dishes driver or touring North America on clean energy. We can answer ALL of your questions. Trust Motorize to provide exceptional service, our Google reviews say it all: 64 Google reviews

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